Friday, February 11, 2011

How I Photograph Valentine's Day

Love is in the air. I love the opportunity for red in my photos! Remember the Red Rule? It's also a great time to work on the February Photo List!

I'm headed to Ian's school today to take part in his Valentine's Day Celebration, which for me translates into, take a lot of photos to share with parents who can't be there. How will I go about capturing his day?

My camera bag is loaded with my camera, my 50mm lens, my 17-40mm lens, charged batteries, a 16GB memory card, and my external flash. Much of what fills my bag is just in case I need it stuff. Today I'll shoot with the 17-40mm lens, the wide angle, so I can get group shots and get in close to little hands decorating cookies. I'll grab my flash, bouncing it off the ceiling, if the light isn't as good as I expect. If it gets really dark, I'll switch to my 50mm.

I've learned from being in his classroom over the last few months that my 70-200mm lens, while great for zoo shots and candids, doesn't work well in the classroom on party days. Too much activity, too many little bodies crowding in close. I need to use a lens that works with their energy and activities!

I'll get some detail shots.

I always attempt to catch him in action. This seems to never be a cooperative moment. I'm hoping for better results this year.
I'll grab a group shot and smiling faces as they sort through their goodies. Then I will put the camera down and enjoy the festivities with both eyes!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Deirdre Harger said...

One of the ways I really got into photography was photographing my kids on field trips and in class, and the parents who can't be there so appreciate it. I've gotten the most wonderful compliments from these parents, and I'm so glad that I can share with them. Thanks for your help too, because my school photos have gotten a lot better from taking your classes.

Lisa Smiley said...

Thanks for posting this! I am going this afternoon to both kids' classes and enjoyed the widest lens starts at you love your 17-40 lens? I am considering a macro or a super wide and wondering what would be best...thanks again! hope you had fun!

Jan said...

I've never heard of the red rule but I'm in total agreement! It's such a rich gorgeous color. I went a little crazy this week with it :)
Hope you had a ball today! said...

And to you and yours, my friend.


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