Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Picture Is Worth More Than 1000 Words

There are so many details in this photo. So many tidbits of our life at this moment. Most compelling, though, is how this photo connects me to my own childhood. There are so many details I'm reminded of. Details I've not thought of in a very long time.

I'm reminded of my childhood fireplace. Rocks, each of a different shape and size. Some with nooks and crannies we drove cars through and played house with.

I'm reminded of the bookshelves on each side of our fireplace. Glass doors with hidden treasures behind. Old National Geographic magazines. The set of Encyclopedias with red binding. The Facts in Five Game. I loved that game.

I'm reminded of the trinkets along the mantle. The pigeon clock we used each weekend. The clay sculpture given to my mom by Bruce and Flo.

I'm reminded of Christmases with stockings hung. Reminded of the year the fire singed all of the oranges at the toes of the socks.

I'm reminded of lining up for Halloween photos. And special occasions.

I'm reminded of the green carpet in the living room.

I'm reminded of the maple coffee table. The one where we did our homework. The one we danced on. The one we played under. The one mom stacked laundry on as she folded it.

I'm reminded of the oil paintings created by grandmother.

I'm reminded of the white and gold vinyl couch that left imprints on your cheeks when you fell asleep.

I'm reminded of laughter and tears and moments of my childhood.

I'm reminded of my life.

I'm reminded there is so much more to a photo than what first appears.


Linda said...

Yes, it is. This is lovely and your memories beautiful!

S said...

Yes one of the great things about photos, especially older ones is the things in the background that spark other memories.

Carol E said...

Wonderful post ...

Melissa said...

Just reading your post, I felt drawn in to your photo...thanks.

Myra said...

Oh yes. Isn't this true. Photos are more than the picture.

Anonymous said...

Gosh so many memories brought back in this photo and things I had forgotten about that you remember.
Love U

Teachinfourth said...

I followed to your blog through a commenter's blog...I love this photo and your message; it so reminds me of memories of my own.

Wonderfully written!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that one photo can speak so much. Can I request a subscribe via email to your blog?


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