Thursday, November 18, 2010

Capturing Photos of Someone You Love

Today is my mom's birthday. She's not a fan of having her photo taken and will dislike every photo I post. But she's my mom and I think she's beautiful. I grab every opportunity I can to photograph her. 

She lives three and a half hours away from us but has seen Ian every month since he was born! That is 64 trips and over 14,000 miles. She hasn't missed a month.

Did I mention she can jump rope? This was a month before she had her knee replaced. I don't know if the two are related ;)

She was at every event each of her five kids were part of as children and she makes most of the big ones for us as adults. That's my brother finishing one of many marathons. He qualified for the Boston Marathon that day!

She's a vicious Scrabble player.

And she and Shea genuinely love each other. The real deal. 

So, happy birthday today mom. Thanks for being you and thanks for letting me photograph a bit of you.

Will you wish her a happy one too? And then go take pictures of the people who are important to you too! Don't worry about making them perfect. Just take them.


Anonymous said...

well Happy birthday to your lovely Mum :) She sounds very special and I wish her the very best day of cake and celebrations :)


Kimbee said...

Add my warmest birthday wishes for your Mom..She sounds like a wonderful mom and grandmother. I love that you give the props with both words and terrific photos she deserves on her special day... I especially love the shot of her hands. When I think of my grandmother I vividly remember her hands on my own as a child. They were always warm and soft and felt so comforting wrapped around my own. I'll bet that photo will bring those same types of memories to your little guy's mind one day.. Absolutely lovely Katrina

Anonymous said...

So special Katrina... Happy Birthday Mom!!! My mom HATES every photo ever taken but I love all the memories that have been captured... the essence of who she is and what she is to me. Our Mums are very special and today I celebrate both of them... and you too Katrina. Ian is a lucky young man :) Carol (cstaff)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your mother! I agree with you, she is beautiful! You can see the love she has for you all in her eyes! What a lovely family you all have.

Romy said...

she IS beautiful!, it's good that she is around so often

happy birthday to her!! said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. I love dher when yousaid she didn't like her picture taken but the jump roping put that love in a whole new catagory.
Sounds like you both are lucky. A good grandma, mother and MIL are hard to come by. What a wonderful way to celebrate - so glad she let you take the picture, she is beautiful...

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! You are beautiful inside and out!!

Katrina-Thanks for the push, I think my camera wont leave my neck today!

beth said...

This is truly heartwarming. Thank you, Katrina!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely comments and you made me cry Love you.

Nonnie said...

I have to share that I had the same problem with my mom. She HATED having her picture taken, but I still snapped away - we lost her suddenly in Aug. and I am so glad I took all the pictures I did. Take pictures of your mom and dad - all the time!!! You never know - and make them take one on one picture with your kids, of all the things my mom left, my kids cherish the pictures they took with her the most.

C McCormick said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!! What a wonderful post :)

Kathleen said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother! The love you share is inspirational and such a gift.

Your post also taught me. As the photographer in the family, I am never in the shots. I, too, hate it when my photo is taken. I need to allow others to capture me as well.

Anonymous said...

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