Tuesday, November 02, 2010

October Rejects

It's time for October's rejected photos. I started this project earlier this year to have a little fun and show you the photos no one typically sees. I can learn a lot from the mistakes!

So here we go.

That sweet face you see so often? It has its not so sweet moments as well. Too close, too fast, too crazy. WAIT FOR THE SHOT.

Exactly what was I using to set my exposure here? It obviously wasn't the green grass!

Such a sweet photo of Ian and me and the brick steps. Look THROUGH the viewfinder next time, before I set the timer.

So I looked through the viewfinder. Too much chair and too much eyelid.

Again, more chair and table. I think this was a crazy finger right before the tomato shot.

Oops. What was I taking a picture of here? SLOW DOWN. And SPEED UP the shutter speed!

A mom can get pretty excited the first time her son decides to climb a rock wall. So excited she doesn't even look at her camera settings before the click. SLOW DOWN, this is becoming a theme!

My husband and I try to take a photo together when we see a mirror. Here, I missed. Repeatedly.

Oh, Halloween night. Youngsters together walking into the light after a fun evening. The moment. The beautiful silhouette. Missed because I clicked in AV when I know this needs Manual. Silly. It was a great shot in my head. I was too worried about them walking away too fast to think it all the way through. Guess what? I missed it anyway. STOP AND THINK.

I'd like to present to you #7 in a series of shots. I call it, THE LENS CAP IS ON.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the other side of my photography! I've heard a class starts today that will help me improve my photography!


Gayle said...

And I thought I was the only one! Lens cap on is my specialty!

Aino said...

Familiar indeed. :) Good fun to see.ra

Joey said...

I love seeing that you take the same shots that I do! :) Thanks for keeping it real!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (in 3 days)

dille2@cableone.net said...

I love it! Got a whole Recycle Bin full of ones just like these! Thanks for sharing Miss K!

Terri Davenport said...

Fun to see your rejects too! Had a rock wall snafu myself. No compact flash card....

It's me, Amy! said...

Slow down needs to be my motto too! Disappointed in the shots I got on Halloween evening because I had forgotten and left my ISO on 100! oops! Live and (someday) learn...

rmeyfe said...

My best worse one for the month was the backside of the guy sitting in front of us at church the other day. It was a children's mass and I was trying to sneak a shot of Evan dressed as St Michael sitting listening intently and when I pulled it out it clicked off a couple of the guy in front of me! Thanks for sharing again, I love seeing them and they are a great teaching tool!


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