Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Photography Quiz - Answers

Oh, beautiful blue sky found in fall! It helps create gorgeous photos!

Bryan Peterson in Understanding Exposure calls it "brother blue sky" for a very good reason. By simply metering off of the sky, I was able to get the correct exposure on the first photo I took. There was no fiddling or compensating needed! Nice.

Ann aced this quiz! Well done!

Jill's suggestion of using Sunny 16 could be right as well, just wasn't what I used. Do you know Sunny 16?

Simply put it says, if you shoot on a sunny day you can use these settings:
f/16      ISO 100       shutter speed 1/125

You can then bump these up a stop, another down a stop getting the equivalent exposures. So, these settings would then also work given Sunny 16
f/16      ISO 200       shutter speed 1/500

or even this
f/8        ISO 200       shutter speed 1/250

Its a nice little technique to have in your back pocket, but if you like things extra easy Brother Blue Sky is there for you!

And just in case you've never met Mr. Peterson, you might not know about Mr. Green Jeans, the Sky Brother's cousin. When shooting a scene with a lot of green, expose for the green and underexpose by -2/3.

I used that technique while lost in a grape vineyard.

This is straight out of camera. Achieving the correct exposure right out of camera means black and white conversions are faster and, in my opinion, more effective. 

Does this make sense? What exposure techniques do you go to?


Anonymous said...

Best wishes!

The Grounds Family said...

Of course I aced your quiz!! I'm a Through The Lens "graduate"! However, although you introduced us to "Mr. Green Jeans"...I didn't recall his name, I tend to think of green, green, grass. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertice!


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