Monday, November 08, 2010

Photography Quiz - Fall Edition

Napa Valley in the fall is beautiful. My hubby planned dinner at an amazing vegetarian restaurant* and left the rest of our weekend open for exactly what I requested, nothing. We drove some, tasted a little wine, wandered around Yountville and took photos.

While I shot this, I thought, oooooh, perfect for a quiz!

40mm | ISO 400 | f/9.0 | ss 1/320

This is the first photo I took and it is SOOC (straight out of camera).  Here is the question for you:

How did I get the exposure correct with my first shot? No devices, gizmos, or cards used to determine the exposure or try to trick you. You've got my settings. What's your guess?

I'll reveal tomorrow. 

*A post about the restaurant coming soon, as we believe they thought I was someone I am not :)


Ann said...

I know, I know!!!! You exposed for the sky!!!!

Jill said...

Hi Katrina! Did you use some variation of the sunny 16 rule? By the way, belated Happy Birthday and please drink a glass for me.

Jill Hogan

esther_a said...

I actually don't know much about exposure. Were you able to meter the sky and the leaves and choose something between?


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