Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November's Rejected Photos

It's time to show you the reality of shooting every day. Are you ready for a dose of November's rejects? This month is brought to you by the sky, the ground, an elbow.

I think this month's rejects are far better than last month's!

The balloon shot. Okay. It was moving. 

Yes, moving right out of the frame!

The ever illusive dog. I'll get him. Someday. I really will

When flare goes wild.

Superman is hard to capture. He CAN leap tall buildings and what was that about speeding locomotives? Nice focus on the clutter in the background.

The ground. I have no explanation.

Any guesses? If you said elbow, you win! A 3 year old elbow in the midst of getting out of the rain. I have a quick trigger finger. I guess. This is also why photographers don't show you everything they snap at your family portrait session. (Okay, F Family, you've seen it!)

A study in being over exposed. You can still recognize me, can't you?

When the child goes from unhappy to happy in a split second, you need to be ready. I wasn't.

Finding focus. Always working to find focus.

Posting my rejects has made me enjoy when they occur just a bit more! I often turn to my hubby and say, "one more for the reject post."

Oh, I almost forgot, #8 in the Lens Cap Series. This one speaks to me in such a different way than the previous 7.

I hope my rejects won't stop you from joining me for Capturing Your Holidays Through The Lens. It will be 14 days of fun, focused photography! I'm thinking of it as a support group for holiday photo taking! 

You can still have a chance to win a spot here.

So tell me, do you have any rejects? Dare to blog them?


dille2@cableone.net said...

You know I haven't blogged them but have many similiar to yours. Love the balloon and the dog. Just like life, they ain't all keepers! Tfs Miss K!

Jan said...

I think you're onto something here!
I'm loving your reject posts and just might join you ;)
Seriously, fun!

erin said...

"This one speaks to me in such a different way than the previous 7."

I almost spit out my water. LOL.

Jennifer said...

Love it!

C.L. Davis said...

I just love these! Each time I see the rejects, I always smile.

Carol E. said...

Don't we all have rejects! My delete key gets quite the workout!

Katie said...

I just love these posts Katrina, and your Lens Cap series is really awesome! LOL!

Heather said...

love love love the lens cap series .... so funny!!

Jess said...

I hopped over from Kim's place, and have to tell you I am seriously amused at your posting of rejects. I always wonder how bad other photog's rejects are, because mine can be SUCH whoppers.

Loved this...thanks for sharing.


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