Friday, November 12, 2010

Studio Roundup

I love watching people's photography skills develop. It is such an honor and privilege to take a little part in that development.  I know what it feels like to be frustrated learning how to use your camera and have that one little nudge or perspective that opens up an entire new world for you.

I'd love to create a page on my blog highlighting the work of those of you've I've helped. I'm specifically looking for those of you who are shooting professionally now and want to get the word out!

If you've taken a class with me, read Get Me off of Auto, followed a tutorial, walked with me, or been helped in anyway please comment with your name, blog or facebook link (or both), photography focus,  and the geographic area you shoot in.

You all arrive in my life with so much talent. I don't want to take credit for what you know, I just want to show you off to the world as talent I've been fortunate to connect with.


Sarah Jones said...

Wow, I guess I will be first! I think I hit every one of the criterias - taken a class, read get me off auto, and taken a walk with you! I sort of sound like a stalker.

Anyway, here goes:

three8s Photography
(I actually had to choose another name because there are already several Sarah Jones Photography studios...that's the curse of a common name, so it's three8s because hubby and I were married on 08.08.08)

Dallas / Fort Worth

Portraits - Parties - Weddings (at least that's what the business cards say, I'll do just about anything)

rmeyfe said...

When is the next walk going to be? I loved reading them on your blog and would love to do one!!

The Grounds Family said...

Not yet shooting "professionally" but I meet all of your criteria except take a walk with you--kinda hard when I live in Washington. I have done our soccer team photos for about 3 years now, have done 2 newborn shoots for friends, family portraits, a wedding reception (wedding was in Hawaii) and senior portraits. So...when you want to feature some "wanna bes" give me a holler.

Christi said...

Not shooting professionally. Still trying to be you when I grow up. LOL

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Not shooting professionally, and not sure I actually want to, just want to be as good as I can.

I have done some photo shoots for friends, but I think it's because they always see me with a camera in my hand!

I've taken your class and am on my second pass through get me off auto. I'm off auto, but still have so much to learn! No walk yet, but I'd like to... heck I'd like to spend a whole day with you! I promise I'm not crazy!

I'm in the Texoma Area... that's on the Tx/Oklahoma line. I technically live in OK now, but am a TX girl through and through!

Not sure how to do the facebook link..that's why the above deleted post.. but it's Lisa Seigler Adair on facebook.

My Blog

Kimbee said...

Have absolutely no intentions of ever going pro.. This is just an obsessive hobby for me.. LOL.. I have learned tons from many of your tutorials and am currently taking you Life Captured class and learning tons more. I love it and am truly thankful to have found you Katrina and all your wonderful photography help. I can visably see the impovement in my photos since hooking up with you and I find myself feeling more confident in my ability to capture what I have in mind with each click.. Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!


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