Friday, May 28, 2010

What If Photographers Posted Their Bad Photos Too?

You've seen the good photos. What if you could see the bad photos too? Would it help you overcome your reservations and doubts about your own skills?

I think, at the least, it would make you laugh.

You'd see the eyes that blink as the shutter clicks.

You might even see the out of focus shot. Even though said photographer teaches focus in Lesson #1.

In their collection, you might even find an overexposed photo.

Or underexposed

And you know they cover that in Lesson #3.

And perhaps you'll even see the expressions of their "cooperative subjects."

And don't forget the self portrait projects, gone wrong. Very wrong.

I don't think this is what said photographer intended in Lesson #5, Finding New Angles.

And definitely not this.

You know one thing though. Photography is a process. Sometimes it goes right and sometimes, well, it just doesn't. And that is the beauty of it all. 

Just in case your wondering about what the other lessons cover, click for more information about Your Life Captured Through The Lens. Registration closes at midnight EDT tonight! 


The Grounds Family said...

I don't consider myself a "photographer" yet (some people do) but I do post my bad shots because, often they are photos that I love....what they have to say, the emotion behind it, who they are of...

You will find it all on my blog.

Michele Barbalet said...

So beautifully put!

Caroline Alexander said...

"Would it help you overcome your reservations and doubts about your own skills?"

yes, yes and yes. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

cool post

Christi said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Love these shots.

esther_a said...

Thanks for your honesty, Katrina! Very reassuring!!

DonnaZ (hendon) said...

Oh Katrina ... yes it really does help to see the ones that went wrong! Thank you.

Gabi said...

Wonderful post, Katrina!

cate said...

I have lots of photos like that! Must get stuck into practising the lessons of class... if only the crappy weather would brighten up a bit... maybe tomorrow!

Carol said...

So glad you showed these. Your photos are the most magical photos ever and to see these makes me feel so much better. Although I bet my ratio of these shots are far higher than yours, LOL.

Angie said...

It was really great to read this and see these shots. Thanks!

Bev L said...

I love this - I have tons of oops' but can't bring myself to delete them completely.

I love your work, and even the "bad" ones tell a story!



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