Sunday, May 09, 2010

This Post Is For My Mom

Did you know my blog was started for my mom? It was simply a way to stay connected to her across the miles, show her pictures of Ian, and to check in with her.

It has changed over the last four years. I seem to post less about Ian, more about life and randomness, and my mom doesn't stop by quite as often. I know she still looks, just doesn't comment as much.

So today's post is for her. A recap of my day. With photos of the boy who was told me all day, "you can do anything you want today, it's your happy Mother's Day."

We decided to stick with our beloved morning routine.

A trip to the farmer's market.

The new, take the live fish home (right after they club it over the head stand on that white board on the back of the truck), is a favorite of Ian's. He announced to them, "we don't eat fish." Awkward.

Then off to the co-op. No photos happened inside, not sure why. They have great lighting.
Then home for rain induced grumpiness on my part. I wanted to garden. We watched a movie, I napped and then gloriously, the sun came out. We finished our evening in the garden.
As Ian was getting ready to take a bath I spotted these out the front window.

We ran into the park to see them. Light was beautiful. Perfect evening beginning to set light. The light I often miss because of a little boy's schedule. I snapped a couple of shots. Someday they'll have coordinated expressions, until then, I'll just laugh at the goofiness!

There you go mom :) My boys and my day!

Any guesses which is my photo of the day?


Christi said...

I'd pick the fish photo as my POTD simply because of Ian's comment about not eating fish. LOL I do love the photos of your "boys" though.

Melissa said...

Love the image with blueberries!

Michele Barbalet said...

Even though it was for you mom I had to read. I love a good cry in the morning. Thanks Katrina.

Anonymous said...

thank you Loved all the pictures but since I know my guy loves blueberries that has to be your fav, with the rows and rows of blue. I liked the fish story.
Love U

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post and I am adoring your blog!! And your photography..yup loving that too!!
Found you on SS!!
Namaste, Sarah

hezro said...

I was thinking the blueberries too. Now you have to tell us the answer!

Doris said...

Easy..Ian and his Dad. Because really love trumps all.
Holy Moly has Ian just grown up all of a sudden. Has he grown or what?
Great shots Katrina!


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