Friday, May 07, 2010

Anatomy of a Jump

When you find yourself on the streets of San Francisco with a dear friend on one of the sunniest, warmest days of the year, strange things can happen. Like deciding to let perfect strangers take pictures of you jumping in the middle of the street at the base of Coit Tower. 

We reciprocated photo taking, but their 20 something selves made it look a lot easier.  I set the camera up. Easy for this one, fast shutter speed (1/1250th of a second, ISO of 100 as it was a BRIGHT day outside). I handed it over and told her to shoot away, making it easy to analyze the shot.

First comes the nervous laughter in anticipation.
Followed by the "prepare to spring posture." 
And the bend, to let spring action begin.
and then...

And finally the jump. Hand in the air optional, cheerleading feet always making it look smoother and more impressive. 

Follow it up with crazy laughter and a do over shot or two and you've perfected it!

And there you have it, perhaps my most embarrassing post ever! 

I converted all the photos to black and white in Lightroom. Check DesignerDigitals on Sunday for my first Lightroom Tutorial!


Jess Hunt said...

what FUN! - this post made me smile today and boy did I need that :)

Mozer said...

This just makes me smile to see the fun you and Myra were having!

Amie said...

I love it!

Sara said...

You two look adorable! How fun!

Michele Barbalet said...

Awesome! You guys are too cute.

Aino said...

:giggle: I think it is simply perfect! You two are so cute!

Tami said...

Total smiles here! :D Perfectly fun and fabulous!


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