Saturday, May 01, 2010

Time For A Photography Quiz!

When I took this photo yesterday, I knew it was a perfect candidate for a photo quiz.

Here's is the edited version with settings.

40mm | ISO 400 | f/4.0 | ss 1/125

And the unedited, SOOC shot.

You know that photography is all about light. That is where we are focusing for the quiz!

Tell me about the time of day I shot this, and the direction and source of my light! Have fun!

Are you wondering how I got his pose and expression? It was all him. He was sad because, as he told me, he'd just "broken his leg." Other kids were running and playing, and there he was. Stuck. With a broken leg. Poor guy. Thankfully, no trip to the emergency room was required.


esther_a said...

Oh, gee, tough one. But you know what a sucker I am for quizzes. I guess late afternoon, no direct natural light, an outdoor light directly in front of Ian (behind your left shoulder). Either that or a deep natural gloom has descended on everyone on account of that drastically fractured leg ;)

Kimberley said...

Ok, looks like maybe around 4pm-ish, overcast day so very little diffuse light, coming from the sun through the clouds on Ian's right?


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