Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tour Of My Photography Studio

Would you like to see my photography studios? I have an expensive, professional set up. ; )

First, the kitchen studio.

Notice the $5.00 cutting board in the back. It is a great background and serves as a reflector in a pinch. The wooden cutting board can be maneuvered easily on the counter top. Light comes in from the window behind the set up. Not the ideal light set up, but we make it work. You've seen carrotscanning, a bell pepper, and a birthday cake from this studio. You've also seen one of my favorite shots ever from this studio.

Now onto the main studio, where much of my work takes place.

This is the location for my salad, cookies, a Lego, and yes, I get the laundry done here as well.

The side lighting works nicely for smaller subjects I want to photograph. I'd like to try a newborn shoot here. It's the perfect height and size for a little one. Maybe with it running, I could lull them to sleep.

So, you've seen my studio. Care to share your favorite/quirky studio spots?


Do you want to find out where your best "studio" is? Join me for Your Life: Captured Through The Lens. Each lesson combines technical camera information with composition information. Class includes hands on, step by step assignments and video lessons in addition to 6 printable pdfs. I've updated class since its first offering last year! 


*Paula* said...

Ha! I would never have guessed. And that is why you are awesome ;) I *need* to make time to do your class. Ever since we moved I haven't found the right "studio" in our house (and we moved 3 years ago!

Christi said...

Your laundry room is still my favorite. Each time I think of it I think of the lego man but I'm liking the idea of a baby.

The Grounds Family said...

I've got two also...my kitchen/dining table--great lighting north facing window but huge gray garage reflecting back into the window. Also, my living room has great lighting.

Beth said...

Mine is the front walkway- big wide stone stairs and nice outdoor light. :) It's a favorite.


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