Thursday, August 20, 2009


POTD 082009 - Tradition, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

I feel like I'm carrying on a family tradition! I spent an hour on the phone with mom talking about how to can. Two hours on the internet sorting through conflicting information before I finally just said, what the heck.

In the winter I'll be able to tell you how it tastes and, well, if I give my family food poisoning!


Anonymous said...

Those jars look very nice, good job,
Love U

Maureen said...

Love this... how many lbs did you do? If I have the energy, I'll get a big batch at the farmers' market next Sunday, and cook em up.

krutten said...

LOL... I can so relate to the two hours on the phone!! I did the same thing the first time I attempted canning chokecherry jelly & syrup. Turned out great, though, and felt like I was continuing a family tradition as well. Thanks for sharing!! :)

Teri said...

Oh, another reason for you and Ian to come visit.....I love to can! I can't rest until every jar in my house is full of something yummy. Yesterday it was tomatillo salsa and zesty tomato salsa. Come on up, we will can peaches:)

Katrina said...

Teri, I'm going to need your tomatillo salsa recipe! Mine are almost ready!

Lowry Family said...

I totally have been on a canning kick too!!!
I have already done strawberry freezer jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, and cherry preserves.
I plan on doing blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, peach, kiwi jams, and pomegranate jelly.

I hope it turns out for you. The jams for me have turned out awesome. Good luck!

Tierra Lowry


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