Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Thought It Might Explode

His face that is.

Ian took his first karate class today. He was so excited to go and stood on his orange dot without hesitation. He spent the entire 30 minutes glued to the instructor's every word, following every command, and even kicked standing on his "little foot"! When it was done he asked if he could get a shirt like the other boys. He'll be working on "self discipline" to earn his belt!

So excited to see him so excited! More photos to follow, I was too teary and excited to take many good ones today!

ETA...I had to post this less than perfect photo just so you could see that perfect exploding smile!


Jennifer Lea Crawford said...

Where is Ian taking Karate? I have been wanting to get Sean into martial arts for a while. Cute photos!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that smile brought tears to my eyes he looks so happy
does he have to earn his shirt
Love U

Katrina said...

Jennifer - We are taking it at Coloma Community Center through Parks & Rec. "Little Dragons"

Mom errr Anonymous - He has to earn the belt and I have to buy his shirt/pants. This was our trial class to see how it would go...they could have said class was $500 a month and we would have felt like we had to pay it, the kiddo was busting at the seams!

Jennifer Lea Crawford said...

I didn't know they had one there, what time and what are the ages? There is one through Parks and Rec on Tuesdays at Clunie, I had been thinking about that one. Coloma is actually a bit closer to my house.

mollie said...

Love these photos Katria ... and LOVE that face busting smile so much.

Can't wait to see him in his little uniform ... he will love it and won't want to take it off. I'm speaking from experience. Wish that I could find the uniforms that our boys had ... I would send you the smallest one!

Katrina said...

Jennifer, the class is 430-500 M, T, and Thursday, They can go 2-3 days a week. Start at 4 years old.

In Sept. they are starting a 4-5 year specific group which will be much better for wandering little minds and bodies :)

Katrina said...

I meant Wed. not THursday...geez it's early :)

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, that little smile (or should I say BIG smile) has me smiling just as big. It's contagious!


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