Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So Much To Share!

I have so many things to show you! Photos of my girls' weekend in San Antonio, Ian's fun encounter with Fire Engine 14, the bountiful harvest from my garden today. Funny thing is after 4 days away from the boys I just want to enjoy my time with them and haven't spent much time on the computer! I have photos to edit, posts to write, and a house to clean! I spent 4 hours in the garden this morning just harvesting everything! So a photo from today with the intent to share the last week soon.


Anonymous said...

pretty nice harvest,love the pic dad took our squash out yesterday, had enough.
can't wait to see more of your trip pictures.
Love U

Anonymous said...

Ian: Please ask mom to post a picture of you and the fire truck.
Love you Mumzy

Quilter422 said...

stunning photo - love all the colors together. what a great garden you must have!


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