Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have No Expectations

Karate Day 2

He didn't want to go. No reason. Just didn't want to go.

I was planning on paying for his September session and buying his Gi.

We went anyway just in case he had one of those 4 year old crazy mind changes at the last minute. He sat on my lap and watched and laughed and smiled, but wouldn't move off of it. Until 5 minutes before it was over. He ran to his orange dot. Stood on it. Jumped. Sat down. Bowed. And class was over.

I didn't buy the Gi. I didn't pay for class.

We'll see what Monday brings. And I'll just ignore the urge to push him into something I know he'll love because I guess he is really the only one who gets to decide what he really loves.

And then last night I read this post. Perfect timing.


mollie said...

Been there too Katrina ... my grandson sat on my lap for two sessions of music and just watched and smiled and clapped. This after he love the first two sessions! Go figure?

Love the post on the link you provided of what you read last night. This is loaded with good common sense wisdom. :)

I love that Ian hopped up to his orange spot and bowed! LOL ... what a great kid he is!

Maureen said...

Good post Katrina, and wise parenting. I LUV the photo on the link at Zen Habits. I may have to FB that one!


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