Sunday, August 30, 2009


Do you have days that you just reflect on who you are and how you are and how you are positioned in the world? Today was one of those. Today I couldn't help but stop and think about choices I make and the lifestyle I live. I couldn't get my mind wrapped around much else.

I found out today a dear friend had a stroke earlier this month. One of those friends you share great history with but the present has led you to drift apart. You don't email or call. You both have lives going in different directions. Milestone events happening but they are so dissimilar your paths don't cross.

All I can think about now is how difficult this time must be. And how I can't call her. I can't talk to her right now. She's having difficulty remembering and speaking and really the last thing she needs is to try to remember her flaky friend who she hasn't seen in 2 years (or more).

So today I just think about her. A lot. And selfishly I think about me. And my boys. And all of the what ifs. And the whys. And the what do I need to do's.

Too many people this year, too close, telling me to make some changes. I think it is time.


I'll post the winner of the class pass tomorrow morning. Today I just needed to think.


Heather said...


Celia said...

Others are thinking of you too- take care of you, take time, and make the most of all you can. Thinking and sharing the thinking is how we all manage. Being thoughtful and thought filled, take care.

Anonymous said...

Love You.

blkcow(pam) said...

Take care of yourself...we had 2 very close friends that had strokes this is a hard thing to watch. I'm sending kind thoughts your way.

myra said...

Sorry Katrina. Here for you.


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