Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Camper

Camping was a success! Only one minor meltdown over needing his house and his toys. Food was incredible, I don't know how we ever camped without a dutch oven! More photos to come. For now my boys searching for Hermit Crabs which Ian named Hermit of course.

And a peak at preparation of dinner night 2!

And now I must go to bed. Somewhat bitter. Must work tomorrow. Glad for work, just don't want to go!


mollie said...

Katrina ... isn't it nice knowing how to do a "mark through" in a te chie way?

Your camping dinner looks good. :)

Linda said...

Good job and it looks like you were all having some fun. Was that a vegetable stew cooking on the open fire?

Anonymous said...

No racoons this time LOL..glad you had a good time, veggies look good.
Love Mom


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