Sunday, August 16, 2009


POTD 081609 - Long Beans, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

Last summer we went to the farmer's market almost every Sunday. We have only been twice this summer simply because we don't need to go. I'm loving growing everything in our own backyard. I love that if I want a tomato I walk outside and pick a tomato. I love snacking directly from the vine.

Last night I told Shea I wanted to go to get mushrooms and avocados, the two things not in my backyard! (although I'm trying to figure out how we could change that!) I told him I wanted to go early which for him translates to, "she's taking the camera." Little did he know I had a completely different reason for going. I wanted to compare prices. I wanted to walk around and get a sense of just how much it would cost to buy what we've been eating.

I got so excited after seeing that my long beans looked better than the market's AND that the eggplant that is multiplying DAILY was $2.50 a pound, I forgot to check other prices! It was fun to compare the size of my green beans and tomatoes and zucchini to those being sold. I loved being reminded of things to plant next year. (okay, I really loved knowing eggplant was $2.50 a pound...eggplant that I've been giving away!)

The best part? I know I cooked at least $8.00 worth of long beans just last week and I've been eating them for about 3 weeks with several weeks to go still!


Misty said...

Great post. I did the very same thing the other day.
I would love to grow mushrooms too. And sweet potatoes.

Anonymous said...

Well>>a see a little of the country coming out in my city girl..
Love U

Anonymous said...

P.S. you could grow mushrooms in your basement since they need a dark place to grow LOL


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