Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture Of The Day Question

A perfect summer day today filled with just enough activity and friends and fun and food! Days like today make it hard to pick a picture of the day. Days with lots of photos, none that are stellar, but many that are fun. So I thought I'd leave it to you. Which would you pick?

#1 We started our day with a concert by Music Matt who recognized Ian immediately and asked that he play the drums. You might recall this day or this day with MM.
#2 We followed it up with a cool beverage from our favorite spot. It's been a while since I've had a beer photo as my POTD.
#3 And like most days I started and ended the day in the garden. My eggplant is producing like crazy! I just love the flowers, although not the eggplant! Stop by if you want some. :-)
So no masterpieces. Just some shots of our day. Which would you pick? (I bet my mom says #1)


Linda said...

I'm not a beer drinker, but I'm going with #2.

Anonymous said...

Your right # 1 beats all others, look at his face, he is so into what he is doing.
Love U

Anonymous said...

p.s. Ian love your shirt it is so cool, is "cool" still the right word? lol

D said...

Totally delurking here...Number 1...that is the sweetest face, concentrating biting his tongue...super super cute!

Heather said...

I pick #1. There will be other beers and other eggplants but Ian is growing and changing so fast that it is a moment in time to cherish and so deserving of POTD.

Anonymous said...

as per coolness of the shot I would go with the beer picture, I love the glass! Make a page with Ian's picture, then you won't have to feel guilty about not using it! :)

Stephanie Vetne said...

#1 for sure! you can do a beer photo any day - ian's photo was not something that happens every day!

Maureen said...

As far as the best looking photo, I'd pick #2. Yes photo #1 is not repeatable but..

Valerie said...

I would go with the beer-our air conditioner is blowing hot air and I could use a cold beer!


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