Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Moms, Two Cameras

Two moms. Two cameras. Three days in San Francisco.

We've taken more than two photos! What an experience spending your time with no one asking why you are photographing something. No one impatient as you move the dinner plate to just one more angle before you actually eat.

An incredible moms' weekend away. I have many photos to share and we still have a full day of adventure before us! Just a taste of our trip so far.

Shoes in China Town

Balcony with a view.

Hello iPAD (someone please notify Santa)

Documenting dinner.

If you could have a weekend away with a good friend and your cameras, where would you go? What would you photograph there?


Christi said...

Nice. Sounds like the perfect getaway.

Kim said...

The beach. Any nice beach.

Looks like SF was fun.

Anonymous said...

San Fran would be just fine with me. Kiawah Island would be a second choice, but there'd be much less to do, although Charleston's not far away.

Anonymous said...

Happy you had a great time. love the shoe pic. where would I go depends on where my friend would like to go too.


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