Friday, April 23, 2010

A Sunny Day Photo Trick

50mm | ISO 100 | f/2.8  | shutter speed 1/125

I have artichokes! At least four at this point. One is almost ready to pick, three others tiny, but growing. They make me feel like an accomplished gardener, although they didn't really require much. Perhaps I shouldn't admit that here?

I was in the garden today in bright sun and needed to document the progress. I need to remember what it looked like before I pluck it from the vine and eat it for dinner!

With the bright sun at my back I stood in front of the artichoke plant. It's about 3 feet high and three feet wide, so I leaned in. With my body casting nice open shade over the artichoke I snapped. It works in a pinch!

Do you have a trick for creating or finding open shade on a sunny day?

5 comments: said...

I have them too but they came from Fred Meyer. Have never seem a artichoke in its natural habitat - wow all that and photo info too. You rock Miss K!

J. said...

Ha! So funny ... I did that yesterday with my gerbera shot :)

Michele Barbalet said...

I'm going to take pics in the bright sun tomorrow. Thanks for the tip, I shall try it out.

Anke said...

that artichoke looks awesome. When I lived in Italy we would sometimes find theme wild near a lake, I loved them! You are an accomplished gardener!!! Great shot and thanks for the tip :)

Beth said...

Yay Katrina! love the photo... and the food!


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