Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I Learned At The Cemetery

I knew the 9in90 photowalk was going to be a challenge. No room for error. No do-overs. No checking the histogram, no adjusting and reshooting.

The first photo was the most difficult. Making the choice to start somewhere.

The more we walked the more I wanted to show the life in the Old City Cemetery. People tending plots, work crews weeding, flowers growing, people wandering through on a slightly sunny Saturday. There is so much history and color here.

They are all straight out of camera (SOOC).

A few things I am taking away from this photowalk:

  • slow down to see your photo and think through your settings
  • know your subject, I really wanted my wide angle lens to show the context of the setting, but had chosen my 70-200mm lens instead
  • wind is not your friend when shooting flowers
  • stop and just listen
Did you join in the 9in90? I'd love to see your photos. Link me here or share in the Flickr PhotoWalkWithMe Group.

On another note, did you notice the strange thing I did with my photos? Completely out of character for me!


Anonymous said...

Really liked your pictures but the one of some little guy peeking over the stone was just to cute.think my fav was the lady in the garden.
Love U

Kimberly said...

Your lines aren't perfectly horizontal! I can't remember that technical name for that...

Katrina said...

LOL! I'm such a leaner :) Would you believe I used my tripod for many of these? Even the crooked ones!

Kathleen said...

I lean all of the time. I think it has to do with the weight of the canon 40d. The right side feels heavier and I tend to lean a bit rightward. After adjusting this tons of times in LR, I now look at my lines in the camera to try to improve.

Kimberly said...

BTW, I hope that did not come off as criticism!!! I thought that may have been what you did differently with these pics ;) I like the lean :)

Katrina said...

No worries Kim! I thought it was funny actually, and accurate!

The REALLY different thing for me is that I took mostly landscape photos, when I typically shoot in portrait mode!


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