Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photographing My Garden

70mm + 36mm extension tube | ISO 400 | f/2.8 | ss 1/500

Ugly plant, beautiful flowers. Lately, carrying my camera into the garden has been my favorite part of "gardening."


If you guessed high ISO and slow shutter speed for my breaking the rules image of Bear, you were right! ISO of 3200 and shutter speed of 1/30th of a second, hand held while supporting it on the floor.


esther_a said...

Well, he sat very still for you at 1/30th. I would have thought you'd have more chewing blur!
Fun to have a guess anyway :)
Is that a pelargonium? You've made it look something special!

Katrina said...

I was surprised by it too Esther, I expected more blur.

It is a pelargonium, I actually had to look that word up because I knew it as geranium. :)


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