Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breaking The Rules of Photography

At the advice of my sister, we've given Bear his very own sock. It was like a doggy drug! He madly tried to rip it apart, which was a nice alternative to puppy teeth biting my toes!


This photo breaks every rule about camera settings I've ever taught. Sometimes you just need to capture the moment with what you have in your hands! Any guesses on my ISO and shutter speed? I shot with my 70-200mm lens at a focal length of 120mm. I'll post the answer tomorrow!


Elena said...

Cute! We give Bart & Zelda all our old socks... I even have my parents "trained" to bring their old socks! Think of it as recycling ;)

Michele Barbalet said...

Who would have thought...a sock! That is such a cute name.

I hate using high ISO but you're right. Sometimes it is just about getting the shot and his expression is worth it. So cute!

I'm guessing ISO at 800 with a low aperture of 5.6?

esther_a said...

That's a very shallow depth of field and the photo looks grainy. So I'll assume f2.8, ISO 3200 and shutter speed as fast as you could go with low light indoors - maybe 1/125

Anonymous said...

another thing pups like is the cheapest hardest rubber flip flop they make. must feel good while cutting those little puppy teeth.


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