Monday, April 05, 2010

The Results of our Roadtrip

Why would you load a four year old in a car and drive 2,945 miles over nine days?

Here is the reason.

Ian asked us for a brother. We thought a dog was a good alternative! A boy needs his dog. Why Denver?

I am so luck to be connected to a wonderful group of women at DesignerDigitals. When Jennifer told us her puppy was expecting, we all waited in anticipation. We got to hear play by play as they arrived. We chatted about it every few days. Shea and I had been talking about getting Ian a dog, but conversations with Jennifer sealed the deal. Her puppies would be ready to leave her house during Spring Break. They are small dogs. They don't shed. And who can deny they are cute!

We were excited about traveling too. Five states, two we had only been to the airports in, one we'd never visited at all, and one we'd only seen parts we didn't like.

Ian was a great traveler. Upon our arrival in Denver, he picked up the phone and said, "does this hotel have room service?" A true traveler.

We extended the trip a bit to see this

Our little side trip meant we were able to swing through Central California and spend time with our families for Easter.

Bear enjoyed playing in the backyard with my family, rarely stopping!

He did give me one nice pose though.

Now I need to work on picking a photo a day. THAT will not be easy.


J. said...

The cuteness!!!!

Tami said...

WOW! What a fun trip with all kinds of perks along way! I was wondering why i get it :) Bear is a lucky pup to have Ian and you all as a family!

Susiecw said...

The canyon photo is spectacular. I also love the photo of Ian and Bear, and the action shot. So happy you had such a great trip. Bear will become the most photographed puppy ever, and I can't wait to see the photos as he grows.

P.S. If this shows up twice I apologize. My first post never showed up.

Anonymous said...

that is the absolutely cutest pup i have ever seen. looks more like a jackrabbit than a bear. Ian will never forget his very first dog.

Anonymous said...

what a treat for the eyes this morning....gorgeous canyon photo and Bear is adorable!! Ian is going to be a great big brother!!


denise:) said...

Congrats on Bear! He's beautiful- and your Grand Canyon photo is spectacular!

(hey- someone else said "spectacular" too! must really be SPECTACULAR!)

Carol said...

Katrina what an amazingly gorgeous addition to your family, I'm going to look forward to many many scrap pages of Ian and Bear. That little dog is going to be the most loved dog ever, if that hug is anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

Yea! You guys got him! How was the trip? It's Ann here (of Ann and Abigail from the March photo walk and January class)...I'm a computer dummy and can't find your email address. Would you email me at so we can be in touch? Thanks much!!


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