Friday, April 23, 2010

I Heart {Photo} Walks

I love walking with my camera. The location doesn't really matter. The weather doesn't matter so much.

I've walked with a whiny four year old, a wonderful group of women from across the United States, friends, family, by myself and with a dear friend around one city for three days. I've been in the company of point and shoots, big lenses, small lenses, skilled and novice. My walks have gone on for miles, 3 blocks, and sometimes just around my house.

I have walked beside the Alamo and public art. I've photographed grunge and glitz, but probably more grunge. I've walked three Capitols in three days. I've spent time in a cemetery. I've seen a lot through my viewfinder.

June 5th I'll be leading the Sacramento  I Heart Faces Photo Walk Across America. I look forward to meeting new people and being joined by old friends. My plan is to share some of my favorite photo spots around my neighborhood and find new ones seen through fresh eyes. I'll have tips if you want them.
There are limited spots, so please join me soon if you want to be part of the fun! I'm leading one of only two spots in California! Did I mention there are prizes?  I hope you can walk with me. You can go directly to the Sacramento registration page or read all of the details at I Heart Faces.


Sarah Jones said...

I'd be there with bells on if Ditz would let me!! You guys are gonna have fun!

Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

I am a newbie, but this looked like a great event for anyone (beginner or pro), so I signed up! Looking forward to meeting you.


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