Monday, April 05, 2010

Photo Walk With Me: April 2010

We're walking at 8AM this Saturday! Location to be announced soon.

This month's walk is a completely new challenge for me. I'll post details on Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I plan on joining you this time, just omit the self portrait this time...okay? lol You could always throw in a puppy photo instead. :)


Anonymous said...

sheesh....note to self, try reading your comment before hitting the publish button...or try to use "this time" three times in a sentence instead of two.


beth said...

Oh Katrina!!! I really want to meet your new family member! Can we plan a visit?

Katrina said...

Let's get together soon Beth! You'll just love him. We need to talk chickens too. Shea has started the coop, just need to find time to finish it.

Paula said...

yay! I actually don't work this Saturday so I think I can participate this time... Hooray!


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