Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sneaking Up on the Photo of the Day

200mm | ISO 200 | f/3.2 | ss 1/200

This little boy will no longer look at the camera. No amount of bribery will encourage him. He'll let me take his photo, but refuses to look at the lens. When I found him playing in the garden with his new backyard safari set, I grabbed my longest lens and snuck outside. I crept closer and closer, shooting as I went, undetected. He was deep in conversation, most likely reenacting Man Vs. Wild.

I normally advise shots from eye level of children, but for this one I was standing on our back deck, above him. Shooting down put his feet and the rocks and his tools of the trade in the shot. A quick Lightroom conversion to black and white (desaturated and upped the blacks) ensured he was the focus amongst the competing colors.

Do you have a stealth technique for shooting your subjects in action?


Anonymous said...

looks like he is a busy little man .like this picture he is getting so big.

Christi said...

I have the same problem with my niece. I just keep shooting and shooting until I get something. The only time she lets me take her picture willingly is if she gets to make funny faces.

Sarah G. said...

He is getting into that phase. My daughter does the same thing---if she looks at the camera, she's doing some kind of grimace or sideways face. It drives me crazy. I sneak up on her while she's playing outside, talking to herself, like you did here. Sometimes I can get down and get her with my long lens, but otherwise, I'm just resigned to having about four years of terrible pictures. :)


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