Friday, October 01, 2010

September Rejects

In an effort to keep it real, it's time again for my rejects! I had a few. 

You could call it arty, I call it underexposed.

This was a great idea in my head. Unfortunately bending over during yoga to take a picture doesn't quite allow for the best control over my settings.

And then, I went to the other extreme. Funny was the same day! Looks a bit like an alien abduction.

Again, with the underexposure. And for good measure, out of focus as well!

Perhaps the back of the lens cap? An important picture I'm certain. 

Can you see the bat? Yeah, I can't either.

Maybe, I should rethink the wide angle lens?!

So those are my best of my worst for September! I hope October is in focus and well exposed for you!


esther_a said...

Oh, thank you Katrina! You give me a laugh and make me feel better about my own stuff-ups all at once! said...

Love, love it Miss K! We should have a whole Gallery of our rejects. Made me giggle!

Cheryl McCain - aka Digi Designs by Cheryl said...

Love it Katrina! I guess I'm NOT the only one that does these things. TFS!! Made me laugh.

rmeyfe said...

Love to know that I am not alone!! Love your descriptions, you made me smile!!

LovelyMissKait said...

You know, Katrina, while these are most definitely rejects, it doesn't meant that they are worthless.
Some could be used as textures and turned into sketches. Just an idea...

I am glad to see that you don't pretend to take professional photos ALL of the time and that you are just like the rest of us... LOL

Thank you for sharing.

Kimbee said...

LOL.. Great to see even the best have rejects... Also great to see your "Your Life: Captured Thru The Lens" class is being offered again.. I am so there!

evrfwd said...

i love this idea of showing the rejects! thanks for sharing them. I agree with lovelymisskait, they can be used for many other things. i know i have lots of rejects just waiting for the opportunity to shine.


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