Saturday, October 09, 2010

What Makes A Photograph Special?

What makes a photograph special? It might be the exposure and lighting. The angle you've captured. The  uncluttered background or the action you've stopped. It could be a small detail or the big picture.

Honestly though.

It's really about one thing.

A photograph is special when it means something to you. When it tells a story that connects the moment to your heart. When it stirs emotion. When it matters. To you.

So embrace the blurry, the compositionally challenged. The overexposed. The underexposed.

Embrace the connection to your heart.

That is what matters most.


rmeyfe said...

Thanks for saying that out loud. I think I needed to hear it today!!

evrfwd said...

I agree 100%!

Melissa said...

sweet thoughts!

Jennifer Wilson said...

Great shot coupled with some lovely words. Thanks for sharing!

Joey said...

Well said, Katrina!


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