Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 Days 'til Halloween

Lightroom can help you make any photo spooky in three easy steps!

Grab a well exposed photo.

So let's Halloween this up now!

  1. In the Develop Mode/Basics panel, slide Blacks to the right to make it slightly darker. It gives your photo that spooky edge.
  2. Now add Matt K's Nostalgic Preset. (what? You don't have that?! It is my go to spooky preset! A Halloween must)
  3. You can fiddle with your Blacks again to get it just right or go with what you've got!

It works with people as well!

Enjoy creating some frightening photos! I'd love to know if you have a favorite spooky preset too.


Tami said...

I don't have a spooky preset but.. we are going on a zombie photo shoot this weekend so I'll be looking!! said...

Picnik has some great Halloween features too! You can add ghosts and it is really a cool effect.

Thank you again for all the sharing you do with us. We heart you!

Carol E. said...

Ohhh, I didn't have that preset ... downloaded it and had some fun! I primarily use photoshop, so much fun to use lightroom! Anyhow ... here is my zombie daughter.

Sarah said...

Oh I loved using Lightroom and this beauti-mous preset! Here is my try at spooky!


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