Friday, October 22, 2010

9 Days 'til Halloween - On Location

The excitement is building in our house! With a weekend in the mix before the big event, it makes it perfect time for a location shoot!

Taking Ian out for a little fun somewhere that matches his costume makes him more cooperative and I'm always happiest with the background. So dress up the little one (or the dog or the big ones, whoever is cooperative), grab your camera, and head out!

Bats love hanging out at the cemetery.

A cemetery would be perfect for little ghosts, witches, vampires and other scary things. Find the oldest section of the cemetery for the best headstones. For our shoot we went to a historic cemetery from the Gold Rush Era about an hour before sunset. After a discussion about respecting the space, "mom what is respect," "why mom," "are they going to wake up," I let him explore. I tried to catch him at his natural moments with all of the costume on or just parts. Make it fun and you'll get the best photos.

Other fun spots might be:

Cleopatra  next to a river.

A little cheer leader or football player on the 50 yard line.

A little firefighter at the fire department.

Mario and Luigi in front of a pizza place.

Little bugs flying through a field of flowers or garden.

A little pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. I'd love to shoot a little pumpkin lined up with all of the pumpkins at the grocery store!

Harry Potter would be amazing atop a hill at dusk with just the blueish twilight glow behind him.

I can see Spider Man walking up the side of a wall. Position Spider Man below a window in your house, have him "cling" to the wall, shoot out the window as close as you can get to him at your widest angle. Oooh, this would be a fun shot!

Woody, Buzz or Jessie at the playground or near a train or stacked in a box with lots of other toys.

A little princess in front of a castle (I'm imagining our local Fairy Tale Town). 

I'm looking for a red velvet curtain and stage for  this year's photo of Ian!

What's your favorite Halloween location spot?


Carol E. said...

Oh, too much fun! Wishing my kids were little again ... maybe I can get the zombies to dress up again! My oldest will definately be attending (or hosting) a party at WSU ... that would be scarey for me though!

C McCormick said...

What a fabulous idea, I love it! I took my daughter in the cheetah costume I made out to the hill behind our house and tried to create our own African Savannah :) Thank so much for sharing your creativity!

You can see the pictures on flickr (in all of your spare time, LOL)

Looking forward to class in another week or so!

Nonnie said...

This is such a great idea!!! I love it!

Sarah said...

My little one was going to be a cow so I was going to take a picture of her crawling on the grass, but last minute she decided she wanted to be a "princess" (fairy) like her cousin! Another thing to try for next year...or tomorrow, since she loved wearing her cow costume!


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