Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Days 'til Halloween - Cut Off Parts

Focus on the unexpected today to create a bit of visual interest in your subject. The viewer doesn't need to see the entire costume to know exactly what he is dressed as!

In addition, you can see a visual triangle in this photo - from tip of his cape to his eye to the tie below his chin. Whether you have a triangle or simply emphasize a part of your subject, try a Halloween twist by only capturing a portion of your subject!

Avoid chopping at joints, it just isn't as pretty!

Happy Haunting!


Jan said...

REALLY love this shot, Katrina!
Not just the crop, which totally makes it, but the black and white too. Perfect choice!

Jan said...

You inspired me (although not in a halloween way LOL)

mugsbigsis said...

Gosh, I love this shot!

Sarah said...

My Cut Off Parts photo is found at:


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