Thursday, October 14, 2010

Capturing Life One Photo At A Time!

We are on LOAD Day #14! I haven't missed a day of capturing our stories. I am loving digging through photos and finding those with moments and memories I need to write down. I'm keeping it simple because, well, I have a lot of moments! And wow, does this boy love to make faces!

 Credits at DesignerDigitals

Credits at DesignerDigitals

On another note, I'm offering Your Life: Captured Through The Lens again! This is MY MOST popular class. I love watching people's skills develop through class and love seeing the bits and pieces of everyone's life. Early bird registration ends on October 19th!

If you've taken the class, what did you enjoy most? What did you learn that most benefited you?

If you've not taken it, what questions do you have about it? What's holding you back? ;)

I'll have a little something for two of you just for leaving a comment. 

Have a great day!


Kim said...

Katrina I have already learned some wonderful things from your DD tutorials, blog tidbits and TDD postings. I am all signed up for "Capturing Life" and can't wait for it to start and learn more...Love today's photos and LO's

Jenn B. said...

I haven't taken a class yet because of two factors time and money. Mostly the money factor though. Although it doesn't cost that much and it would be a nice treat for me, I usually spend the extra on my daughter. 'Tis the curse of being a mother I suppose :)

Carmen said...

I haven't taken it bacause of time. I know at the onset I'm motivated but then work and kids seem to get in the way. I love your tutorials, both here and on the daily digi. Thank you for the clear instructions

It's me, Amy! said...

I have been following your blog for a little while and it has been a great help and source of inspiration (and aspiration). So I'm signing up for the class and am looking forward to it! I hope to learn so much more!


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