Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 Days 'til Halloween - Step To The Other Side

Its a good practice to capture photos from many different angles. Sometimes you discover unexpected treasures.

When Ian was two and a half, he loved waiting at the door for tricker treaters. He hadn't really grasped the idea that HE could go get candy at other doors!

This Halloween prepare to grab a photo from behind. Whether it is at the door as your pirate opens it for others or as your goblin rings the doorbell at your neighbors house. Simply watching them walk away is a classic perspective too. You'll get the best cooperation when they can't see what you are doing!


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Romy said...

a pirate guarding his place, how funny! he didn't attack them, did he? lol
love that you could see the crowds through the door!!

mollie said...

Don't you just love when they are so little that they don't quiet grasp what is going on! Love the photo, Katrina. :)

I wish that I had an inside the door photo when our then little three year old was so scared after going to a house with a lovely lady witch on the porch that he had to come home and help hand out the candy while his daddy and brother gathered their own supply in! Why oh why didn't we have digital cameras and such wonderful inspiration in 1972?

The Grounds Family said...

Love this shot Katrina! What a great front door. I have captured shots of my little one "crawling" up stairs at our neighbor's in her Halloween costume that are my favorites. Nothing like a cute little "skunk" butt going up the steps with bucket in hand and neighbor waiting at the door. Unfortunately, this photo is not on the computer it was era bd (before digital).

Nonnie said...

What a great shot and such a good idea!! Perfect inspiration!

Sarah said...

I've posted my Step to the Other Side photo here:


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