Tuesday, October 19, 2010

12 Days 'til Halloween

Today we are going to dig into our photos.

How many old Halloween photos do you have buried in boxes or  deep in the digital cobwebs of external hard drives? Once you find them, the challenge is to print them, scrap them, display them. Get them out of their purgatory for a few weeks to help add to your decor!

They might be four years old or so.

Or three years old

Or REALLY old. The choice is up to you! Yep, that's me with my little sister and brother. Seems we have a long line of pirate blood in our family!

Show us or tell us what you dig up and how you display it!


Carol E. said...

I made an album for my mom/dad's 50th Anniversary this past June ... one page just happened to be about Halloween. Old pictures, about fun times!


Anonymous said...

I forgot about that picture wasn"t that a mop I dyed? good memories.
Love u

Sarah said...

I was all set to do this challenge until I realized that I have NO CLUE as to where my pictures of my little girl's first Halloween are! I'm hoping I took the pics with my dad's camera and it's on his computer!


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