Monday, October 18, 2010

13 Days 'til Halloween

'Tis the season to be scary!

Halloween is a big event in our house with a little boy who loves to dress up and partake of all things scary. Of course, the candy is a bonus too!

For the next 13 days I'm going to count down to the big event with a photo prompt. It might be a tip, maybe an idea, but each will prompt you to get out your camera and shoot! Then link me up to your take or leave a comment and you'll go in a drawing on November 1st for a spot in Your Life: Captured Through The Lens, my most popular photography class. That means you can get up to 13 chances to win!

Today's idea - Capture the Decor

ISO 400, f/2.5, ss 1/250

Decorations are such an important part of an occasion. We have ghosts, spiders, rats, and ravens around our house. Something new seems to appear every day. Go grab a shot of them, whether they are home made, purchased in the clearance bin,  or heirlooms passed down (do people have Halloween heirlooms...hmmm). We're keeping it simple too...just shoot. No worries. I shot fairly wide to leave the focus on just one frank, and leave you guessing what the rest of the stuff on my mantle is!

Ian and I made these fun Frankensteins, he likes to point out the bolts. The all important part of an Frankenstein!

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Erin said...

This weekend we are going to making all kinds of halloween decor. Right now we just have a pile of supplies...but I will take a pic in the morning when I have some natural light!

Carol E. said...

My Halloween box is still in the attic ... where it has been hiding for the past 4 years. It used to be that my kids brought the ladder inside so we could get it down. Now, not so much. So, aside from my 15 yos room ... nothing remotely scarey around my house. I do have pumpkins with warts!

Carol E. said...

new link ...

The View From Here said...

Hey Katrina -

I took 2 of your classes and loved both of them! I just downloaded a trial version of Lightroom 3. Would your book Be Enlightened work with LR3? Thanks!

Katrina Kennedy said...

The Be Enlightened Tutorial definitely works for LR3. Let me know if you have questions as you work through it! I'd be happy to help!

Danielle Hunter said...

How exciting! We love Halloween at my house too! Got the decorations out on Oct. 1 and we'll be keeping them out until mid-November (my soon to be 8-year-old is having a vampire themed birthday party). I'll be sharing your link on my blog :)

Sarah said...

So cute! I tried taking some pics of the only Halloween decor we have, which is 2 pumpkin candles! Nothing great, but it was fun shooting in low light!


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