Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Days 'til Halloween - Diggin' Up Good Stuff

Only five days left! Are your pumpkins carved? Costumes in order? Camera batteries charged?

Today I'm taking a different approach and sending you around the web for great Halloween photography ideas.

Rebecca Cooper has a great new book at Ella Publishing and great Halloween tips post on the 1825 blog.

Digital Photography School has some great tips from last year.

More great Halloween Photography Tips at the New York Institute of Photography.

For a little low light step by step, check the Daily Digi.

PhotoTuts has a GREAT post about Mesmerising Moon Photography.

A search or two at flickr can give you TONS of ideas and inspiration!

1. halloween, 2. That's a lot of Pumpkin Pie!, 3. Advanced Happy Halloween (^ ^), 4. Web of Lights, 5. Halloween: My [second] Favorite Holiday, 6. Happy October !, 7. Pumpkin Pile, 8. bokeh pumpkins, 9. :: fairy of dreams ::

Do you have any favorite Halloween photography tips?


Kim said...

Hi Katrina, I have a question for you and I hope I am not over stepping here by asking. I have been asked to take a group shot of my daughter’s dance team on Saturday. I have never done anything like this before and really want to get as nice a shot as possible. I am hoping you can help me better understand what the best course will be to get the best shot. So here’s the situation.

12 to 14 girls
High school football field (no shade, sigh)
9 to 10 am shoot time (sigh).

I played a little bit this morning at the correct time and here is what I discovered

Front light will get me a bunch of squinting girls but by using my M mode and light metering ( thank you so much for sharing that sweet gem on TDD) off their faces I get a pretty nicely exposed photo.

Sidelight is going keep the girls from squinting but if I meter of the shaded side of their faces the sunny side is over exposed and if I meter off the sunny side the shaded side is underexposed..

Backlight gets me well exposed girls, by metering off their faces, and a blown out background.

Everything I read online says “just don’t ” Ok now lets get real.. We can’t always be in control of these situations… I just want to do the best I can with a situation that is out of my control…

Since I don’t have the luxury of having all the girls to play with before Saturday I am seriously hoping you can give me your best advice…Is there anything else I need to be mindful of while taking a medium sized group shot .

Wishing your Life class was already underway…

If you can help here.. My biggest TYIA.

A said...

Hi Katrina - I produce the Creative Mom Podcast, and I'd like to ask you a question. Can you email me? Thanks, Amy

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the links Katrina! I especially liked the NYIP one! Definitely going to bookmark that site! Also, just so you know, I couldn't open the link to the 1825 blog, it keeps telling me "bad request." Luckily, I just googled "1825 blog" and "rebecca cooper" and got where I assume it was supposed to take me. Yay Google! ;)


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