Thursday, January 13, 2011

11 Things I Love About LOAD and 4 Ways I Make It Work

I love LOAD (layout a day). Why?
  1. Lain. She's a hoot.
  2. Amazing community of supportive people.
  3. Thoughtful prompts each day.
  4. I'ts a nice kick in the pants to get our memories documented.
  5. It gives me justification for being creative EVERY DAY for a month!
  6. It makes creating a more natural part of my life.
  7. Inspiring interviews from inspiring people. Some new to me, some old friends.
  8. I dig through my photos, which is ALWAYS fun.
  9. I see things my life a little differently, a little happier when I'm done.
  10. I have a tangible outcome for all of the time I invest. LOVE THAT.
How do I make it work with a job, a child, and a husband who expects I help out a little around the house?
  1. I open Photoshop in the morning and work on my page throughout the day.
  2. I keep it super simple. Photos+words. 
  3. I use templates. A LOT.
  4. I don't stress over my pages. Just create.
Do you love LOAD? Thinking about it? I hope you join me!

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