Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011 Rejects

In 2011 I am working on shooting with intention. Taking few shots more deliberately.

And still. I have many rejects. Here is the best of January!

Ian's latest technique to "help" me take a photo. I focus, recompose, he shouts, "I'm not in the middle," and moves to place his reflection in the center of my lens!

Or he just dodges at the last moment. Nice head shot.

It looks like 2011 will be a good year to continue the Lens Cap series. I love it so much.

In 2011 I'm also adding the Overexposed Series. It's a nice contrast to the deep colors of the Lens Cap Series.

Notice the sharpness of the tree? Got to love good focus.

And wow, look at this fence. Not sure why that same little boy keeps getting in the way of my shots.

And the hand. Close up. Perhaps you've seen other parts of this body before?

One of the beautiful things about shooting everyday is collecting a few rejects along the way! Perhaps I should consider creating a reject book this year? 


Anonymous said...

Love a gal that can laugh at herself.. Super camera bloopers! said...

Love it! With basketball season, I have more rejects than keeps!

esther_a said...

I've been scanning my old SLR images from 1990-2000. I remember how liberating it was when I got my digital camera to be able to take so many photos at no cost, but now that I look at my old negatives I see the most of those photos were keepers, that I put so much more thought into each one. I think I've lost something along the way...

Maureen said...

Oh these are just too too funny Katrina. Now I can say I have photos Just Like Katrina's!! ;)

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for sharing your "outakes". I agree with esther: sometimes I just start shooting away, changing settings, etc, without really thinking about what I'm doing and hoping I'll get lucky, but I usually still get the best shots when I think about what I want to capture. Profound thought, huh?


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