Friday, January 07, 2011

Honor The Ordinary In Your 365 Project

For the past week Brene Brown has touched my world in the most interesting ways. I opened my email, to find a link to Brene's Video with my dear friend's comment, "it spoke to me similarly as your professional goals did." I had watched the same video the day before when it popped up on the front page of Ted.

Reading Twitter yesterday, Ali Edwards tweeted about the same video. I clicked, not realizing it was the same Brene who was somehow infiltrating my life. So I bought her book on the Kindle for iPad.

Early this morning I woke up, unable to sleep, and sat in bed with my iphone in hand. I read almost the entire book. So much of it resonated with me. So much of it felt like she was talking directly to me. Her words were a beautiful extension of my 40 Day Yoga experience and the practice I'd completed just hours before.

Are you wondering how this all relates to Project 365? I found it in one statement she made in her videos and explores more in her book.
"In the ordinary moments of our lives is really where we can find the most joy." Brene Brown
That, my friends, is what 365 or 52 or 12 or whatever project you might be working on is about. Ordinary. There is comfort there. There is life there. There are memories there. There is joy there.

No matter what camera you are shooting with. No matter how you decided to bring your project together, it is about our lives.

Here is my ordinary life over the last seven days. There are multiple cameras. There is imperfection. Most importantly...there is joy.

I hope you find the joy in your ordinary life.


kim said...

KATRINA!!!! This made me so happy. I'm reading the book on my iPhone right now (thinking maybe I really do need an iPad or a Kindle) and Brene's stuff is life changing. For me anyway.

I'm actually thinking of doing the Ali Edwards' One Word project because of Brene.

Loving this convergence of the things I've learned from you and the stuff I'm learning from Brene Brown. Very cool, and very very fitting.

C McCormick said...

Love it - wonderful quote! Am definitely going to have to take a look at putting this on my iPhone. Thanks for sharing!


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