Monday, January 24, 2011

Photography Quiz: Help! My Photo Isn't Sharp

Are you ready for a quiz? We've not taken one here in a while!

This is a photo taken yesterday at 6:14PM in the park near our home. It is not sharp. Lack of sharpness is the #1 question I'm asked by people in class, on facebook, and in emails.

Click on it to see the larger size, if you aren't convinced.

ISO 800 | 200mm | f/2.8 | ss 1/160 

Did you notice how soft the focus is on his eyes and face. What simple, simple mistake did I make in capturing this moment? 

I'll post the answer tomorrow!


The Grounds Family said...

Hmmmm I have a couple of answers, because I really am not sure what you did wrong.

1) You didn't focus (one point) right between the eyes.

2) You are using a 2.8 lens and generally speaking, most lens shoot the sharpest at 1/3 of a stop above the widest opening so maybe it would be sharper at 3.2.

Might have to take a refresher course or review my course content from you!

BTW, is it me, or does the photo look a little underexposed?

Anonymous said...

I think it's due to your focal length being higher than your shutter speed.I often get caught up in capturing the moment and forget to make sure my shutter speed is above or at my lens focal length and get a less than sharp photo... Sigh.. So much to remember with each click :+)

Carol E. said...

I agree with Anonymous ... shutter speed should have been at least 1/200. I do that all the time ... what a sweet little face!

Diana said...

I can't wait to hear the answer. This is my biggest photography challenge.

Romy said...

First, I was gonna joke about the fog in Sacramento... lol

I think:
a/ ss160 is not fast enough

b/ f2.8+200mm=shallow DOF

esther_a said...

See, I have no idea! It was very interesting reading the responses. If I had a photo as crisp as yours I'd think I was doing well. Just goes to show how much I have to learn! I just rely on photoshop to sharpen it for me!!

Christi said...

Shutter Speed!


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