Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Approach To 365

I stumbled upon another alternative when you miss a day of 365!

365 is about our memories. I don't want to feel locked into anything, bound by rules that get in the way of my life. I want 365 to be a natural flow with my life, something enjoyable.

While away for the weekend my husband emailed me photos each day of his escapades with Ian. I realized I had to include them in my 365. THEY are my life. They are the focus of my energy and love. So I'm plugging them in. 

I can live with the quality being less than perfect. In 20 years I'll be so happy to see this little moment again.

What's stopping you from including other people's photos in your 365? Does it feel like cheating to you?


Anonymous said...

that astronuat is very serious.
love you

Laura in CT said...

I guess it depends on if Project 365 is really about memories: for me, it's not. It's about photography--playing, experimenting, improving. To each her own! :-)

esther_a said...

Mine is about memories - at least it will be until all the children leave home, then I can indulge in personal or artistic photography! So to that end I use anyone's photo that captures the family events of the day.

Raylene said...

I think that's a super idea! My daughter works for her dad three days a week and she is a big part of our lives. Even though my son lives and hour away from here, he puts photos on Facebook and I consider those a part of my life - I didn't think to put those in my 365!!!
Thanks for the inspiration! I love it!

The View From Here / 365 Days - 365 Photos said...

I agree. I think the most important thing is the "what" you are capturing, not the "what with", as in SLR. Although this project, for me, is mostly trying to become a better photographer, I am still trying to capture something out of each day. For example, I am going to a meeting for 3 days this week in Jacksonville, FL. I can't carry my SLR, but I want to capture a photo a day, so I plan to do it with my blackberry. I'll have to focus on the composition of my photo and the subject. I won't worry about bokeh, manual settings, etc. Capturing my life is the most important thing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

mollie said...

Mine is about memories too, Katrina. It is the icing on the cake if the photo is a good one . . . but, if the memory isn't in the good shot . . . I'll take the wonky one every time!

If I don't have a memorable day . . . or perhaps a dull day, then it would be the good photograph that would win.

lewmew said...

My other challenge is - what if I have several great pictures for the day?

masscb said...

I feel the same way. I call it my guest photographer in my 365. Usually my husband.

Carol said...

Not at all. If I didn't have photographs that Mike had taken too, I wouldn't have been in our own book. It's about the memories. It is a reflection of our year. Love the little space cadet!


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