Saturday, January 22, 2011

365 - The Same, Only Different

I anxiously awaited the opportunity to pop my last photo into the template to complete Page #3 of my 365 book. I love how Anna's (free) template can be used in different ways.

I'm not sticking to a week to one page, rather opting for a flexible flow of whatever mood strikes me.

Nine days in one template.

Four days in one template, with a simple merge to show off the ice on my windshield.

The first eight days you saw when I was thinking about beginning with the end in mind.

I anticipate a few one photo pages as well. I'll just adjust the template as those days happen. Looking forward to seeing how the year in photos unfolds!


Myra said...

Love seeing your 365 pages. And I love how you're "going with the flow" no boundaries. That's a great approach to the project. I was too neurotic about it the first year, and it made my pages so much more constrained. This is perfect. Great shots!!!

Anonymous said...

Katrina you never disappoint. Love your 365's. Lots of terrific ideas and just plain awesome shots. Love , love, love the simple template approach! You are certainly tempting me with this project. Anyone have a spare bottle of TUM's. Ha!


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