Monday, January 03, 2011

How LOAD Changed My Life

The real count down has begun for me! Only 28 days until LOAD 2/11 begins!

I took part in LOAD 10/10 thinking, I'll complete some layouts, think about "story," and make it through a week or so.

And then...

I was completely enamored. I loved the community. The prompts. Lain's awesome interviews. Yes, she interviewed me. And? It was AMAZING! Even if I sounded like a geeky, photography obsessed goob, her questions had me really thinking about why I spend time behind the camera and why I scrapbook.

On her website, Lain claims LOAD may change your life. Well. She wasn't wrong. I loved finding the stories I needed to write and capturing them together with some of my favorite photos. I got into a great rhythm of putting together pages without worrying about them being perfect. I got them done. They are some of my favorite pages because they are truly some of my favorite stories.

I cannot wait for February 1st to arrive so I can feel that inspired again. Best part? February's theme is INSPIRATION!  My plan, at this point, is to scrap each of my 365 photos as I take them in February. I'll see what inspires me when February arrives though!

If you want to be inspired and get those memories captured, join me for LOAD 2/11. It may change your life too.


Deb said...

Oh... how I long for kindergarten, when I'd have time for something like that without a toddler calling to me every moment of the day. :)

Kim said...

I really enjoyed scrapbooking daily photos during LOAD 10-10. LOAD is such a great motivator for a daily project, so I think you'll do well with your plan to scrap your 365 photos. I love my little October Everyday album! (

Dani said...

Love LOAD and so glad to have "met" you through LOAD

Carol said...

Katrina, your LOAD pages were amazing, they all have such continuity and yet different. I'm looking forward to following you along this year again.


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