Monday, September 01, 2008

Goodbye Summer

So this is it. Today it ended. No more. Over. Done.

School starts tomorrow! Shea is out of here bright and early tomorrow morning to "teach the kids", Ian goes to his second day of his new preschool*, and I will be home alone to catch up on the work that I've put off over the summer because there were just so many other things to do!

This was an amazing summer! Truly the best I've ever had. We've packed so much into it I think it would take me a day just to write it all down.

Maybe that is what I'll do tomorrow. It will be like extending it one more day. Those others things can wait. Right?

*yep, that was the tough decision. After 1.5 years at the Phoenix School we made the decision to move Ian to a co-op school in our neighborhood that is vegetarian and just seems to fit us better!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok, back to the not so fun stuff like work..Hope your year at school is as great as you are Shea, Ian I know how much you like your new school so enjoy every minute little man time goes to fast..
and you my daughter I love to read your script, maybe you should write a book, "My Best Summer"
Love you M


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