Friday, September 05, 2008


We met everyone in Old Sac on Wednesday to do a little Halloween shopping for the kiddos. Shopping was amuzing as the little girls wanted all things pink and Ian wanted everything scary. Vampires, skeletons you name it. The scarier the better it seems. Although I think he is settling on being a Jedi. Our neighbor Paul helped seal that when he arrived at our door step with a light saber that expands AND lights up! I'm not sure I've seen Ian quiet so taken with a toy yet. He carried it everywhere (including the grocery store), slept with it, and then had to be convinced that it was too special to take to school.

I digress though...the real point of this post was to show this adorable photo. I love how they are all holding on to each other in some way. We were playing the "touch the brown wall and..." game with directions like do a monkey walk, walk as slow as you can, be an elephant. The directions here were to get in line...they are still learning! The only thing missing is Leo!

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Anonymous said...

how cute is that picture, and look how they have do we still want a cape Ian..
Love Mumzy


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