Sunday, September 28, 2008

POTD 092808

POTD 092808, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

We spent almost two hours and only $16 at the famer's market this morning. It was just such a great morning to be out, the weather was comfortable, the market wasn't crowded and the light was perfect. I'm sure people think I'm a bit nutty taking photos of just about everything there. But I was able to get this photo and save myself $4 and the headache of throwing them out when they are all wilty in a few weeks.

And even better...afterwards we took Ian to the park across the street and well...this photo says it all. All of my fears about his foot. All of my worries about him walking, running, and being "normal" Look at him go! You would never know that he has a "lucky" foot!

He chased two little boys around for at least half an hour. They were having so much fun! I think they were pretending he was a vampire or something else scary, but lately I'm just not certain!

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Anonymous said...

a lucky foot for sure, that little foot has taken him on many adventures, he is a lucky little man. flowers are very pretty..
Love U


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